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Nothing special about this shot, except I asked Shirley to help me take it and was quite amused with the whole thing because she kept getting confused by my instructions. I told her to “hold the camera low”, but then we had to re-take because it was blurry. Then I said, “try not to shake the camera” and when that didn’t work, we turned on the flash, but this time my shoes got cut off. So we tried again.

“Can you see my shoes?”

“No, cannot.”

“Ok, go a bit further.”

She takes a step back.

“Lower the camera,”


“Can you see my shoes?”

“No, cannot.”

It was rather funny. It didn’t occur to me that she doesn’t handle a camera often.

But yeah, that’s the story behind this shot.

[I need new clothes and a haircut, bah]


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inner consciousness

lights up and dims as body moves

from this square, to that

photos by Jacqueline

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