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attempt #1


time clutched in a baby’s fist,

tiny fingers      tiny nails

touch the vastness, unaware


of its power:

s t r e t c h e d

like infinity on an unknown plane

to be filled with people,



here today and gone tomorrow

carried by the ebb






sans thought

sans feel

sans meaning

leaving me eviscerated.


of its grace:


like a wooly blanket on a shivering frame

pulsing with love,



you will never be alone she says

and rocks you gently




and makes your heart dance

and smile

and do a loop-de-loop

all the things only a happy heart could do


between here and now

tiny fingers     tiny nails

clutch onto something


and wonders

(if it could wonder)


what now?




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3 weeks ago I wrote about how Facebook groups help in the hunt for Mas Selamat in Singapore, with particular emphasis on the group Instant ORD for Mas Selamat Capture. The creators of the group, 20-year old Ashwin Tiwari and Ray Ninnan Panicker, have gone one step further by printing 100 T-shirts with Mas Selamat’s face on it and are selling it on Facebook.

The tongue-in-cheek tone of the Facebook group caught the eye of a local reporter, who contacted the guys for an interview. To date, they have gotten attention from local TV channels (Channel 8 and Channel News Asia) and an article in today’s Sunday Times (Mas Selamat: Here are 100 T-shirts to wear him out) which have created even more buzz for the creators.

Some may call it opportunism but it sure is paying off for the guys, who have received 70 orders to date for the $16 T-shirt that they are selling on Facebook. The T-shirt sports the fugitive’s face with the words “Reward Instant ORD”, and is quite frankly rather decent-looking. The publicity can only serve to not only help the pair’s ambitions to start a T-shirt printing business, but spread further awareness of what remains a very serious national concern.

I have to say that I think it’s quite a smart move. If they are planning to set up a T-shirt business, there is no better way to kick-start their sales then by creating a design that resonates with their client base, and attracts publicity at the same time. And by providing local content, it differentiates their product from the existing t-shirt designs out there. It’s a good example of how to use social media effectively, and local companies can certainly learn a thing or two from these two entrepreneurial upstarts.

I for one would love to see more people wearing clothes from not only local brands, but those that reflect local culture and sentiments as well. What better way to ensure that youths continue to feel an emotional connection with their country? Well okay, there may be better ways, but I would say that this could just be an important first step.

Another interesting issue that I felt was interesting is that a local journalist turned to social media for news which then led to coverage by the newspaper and television. This reflects the trend now for news to spread from online media to mainstream media back to online media, and it’s great that Singapore journalism has caught up with the bandwagon, at least a little.

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haiku: being lost

marching to drumbeats

that follow no stoccato —

she feels nothing

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Calling all bloggers, podcasters, twitter users, youtubers, Facebookers, etc

Do you feel extremely guilty when you don’t blog for a day? (I’m looking at you, Amelia!)

Do you feel a constant need to check on Twitter and update about anything and everything?

Do you feel like Facebook is the answer to all of life’s most important questions? (ie. Where in Singapore is Mas Selamat?)

Are you on forever on youtube, and were you one those people who sent that video of the MDA rap to all of your friends and asked them to send it to all of their friends?

Are you so into social media that friends have been known to threaten to cut off all ties with you?


            Congratulations! You’re a social media junkie!

            Here’s the good news:

            You are not alone.

            Yes, there are others like you! (yayyy) And we’re all meeting in safe, secure environment where others won’t hurt us or call us names (remember, sticks and stones, sticks and stones) and where we can discuss our grand plans on how to take over the world.

            What? Social Media Breakfast – Singapore

            When? 29th March 2008

            Where? Frujch at SMU

            Thanks so much to Derrick and Daryl for arranging this! I am super duper excited and it’s my pleasure to hold it at Frujch for you guys.

            More details will be released soon!


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            haiku: just let me sleep

            ringing, dinging bell

            my sonorous sleep is broken

            like a lover’s heart

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            Heath Ledger died on January 22 2008. Esquire, like many a magazine, decided to write a piece on his life and his death. Esquire, unlike other magazines, adopted a stylistic manner of writing, a confessional “how I lived out my final days” in the words of Heath Ledger. Except that it was written by aspiring writer Lisa Thaddeo. You can read the article here.

            Does this form of fictionalised journalism have any point to it? Beyond trying to be interesting and sensationalist, I hardly think so. It neither shows respect for Ledger’s recent demise, nor report only facts, nor shed any new light about his life. In fact, 80% of the story is focused on Jack Nicholson and his salacious wiles. Why pretend to write about something and then not write about it? To me, that’s just bad journalism.

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            I’ve been a really bad blogger these couple of weeks.I haven’t been updating as much as I’d like, I’m behind on my blog readings (and my RSS feeds look a right mess) and I’ve even been missing in action in the twittersphere too.

            Yes, I feel very guilty indeed.

            I could offer some excuses as to why I’ve been a neglectful blogger – school work, deadlines etc. But excuses rarely help remove the trangression, so I shan’t.

            Another thing I realised is that I’ve seemed to have lost my voice in this blog. Because I keep on focusing on my content and for some reason what usually starts off as a short post usually evolves into a General Paper essay, my personality (or whatever personality that I could claim to possess) has been drowned out.

            So today I shall write about something that’s close to my heart.

            This is the story of frujch.

            frujch front

            It started off in February 2006 as the dream of 4 girls: to open a fruit juice stall near the school gym. In the beginning, it was just an idea in our heads. I mean, what did we know about running a business?

            But we won the tender, and suddenly we had a company to call our own. We called it Frujch (an homage to our original intention to set up a fruit juice stall) and decided to include alcohol in the menu. As a result, Frujch became known as the first bar on a university campus. After 4 months of operations, one of our partners left and it became a 3 woman operation (L-R: Sherms, Nab, Shal)

            3 girls

            We started introducing some light food like bagels, waffles and salads, hired employees to help us run the bar (we call them frujchaholics) and organised events like acoustic performances and even a beer pong championships. But we weren’t entirely satisfied with what Frujch was, and wanted to expand it even further. This is what we did:

            1) Revamp the place



            Became this:

            1304180810_50e1416184.jpg 1304187948_0b8533b205.jpg

            2) Expand our menu

            So the 3 of us are the worst ever specimens of girls-who-can-cook, so we did the next best thing! (no, not order take-out and pass it off as our own): we asked for expert help.

            This is Malcolm (our fourth partner, source of sanity and part-time Voice of Reason):


            For anyone who has been to Frujch, this is THE guy to thank for all the yummy sandwiches and salads. (Below: Port O’Bello Melt) And don’t be fooled by his gentle demeanor, this guy runs a very tight ship and wants to be the next Gordon Ramsey.


            3) Held signature events

            One of which is Beer Pong Championships which we hold every school term. For those who aren’t familiar with it, here’s a video we made. We just had one last week which we called the Last Beer Pong Championships since the 4 of us are graduating real soon. It was also real nice because most of the people that came were regulars (although perhaps they were lured by the prospect of the free beer we promised), and as the pictures below show, they are as crazy as the people that run the place:






            I guess I wrote this post to try and figure out how I’m feeling as the end draws closer. In 3 weeks’ time, Frujch will be closed and not long after that we’ll be handing it over to a new management team, who may or may not carry on the Frujch name and business. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about letting Frujch go, and yes, it makes me sad. We’ve really put everything we had into this and along the way forsaken school and social life and family for it. Customers have become fans (“I can’t live without my Chocomint Milkshake every day) and friends.We’ve had good times, bad times and stressful-Oh-my-God-I-dropped-the-sandwich-and-the-customer-looks-really-angry times.
            It’ll definitely be hard to let go.

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