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So everyone knows who won American Idol.

Well, everyone in America does.

And then someone decides to change their status on Facebook, or dash off a Tweet, and just like that, SPOILER.

As much as I wish I hadn’t seen these spoilers, I don’t see why people have to be angry when other people reveal a spoiler.

Or issit just me?

I mean, in this age of gratuitous, instant communication, how can we suddenly rail against our ability to receive and spread information simply when it doesn’t serve us?

With Twitter, Facebook, Plurk and other instant messaging services, I can safely say that we should say goodbye to days of “Spoiler Alert” and instead celebrate in the ease at which we can stay current.

Don’t you think?


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01. I am 24!

Erfen got us tickets to Much Ado About Nothing. Although I love the idea of Shakespeare in the Park, I felt that some of the scenes didn’t translate very well into the real world setting, or maybe this play works better within the confines of a intimate theatre setting? The old world colonial style set was very charming though, and Adrian Pang was really really good in this comedic turn as Benedict. His red and white striped swimsuit is well worth the ticket price, I think!

Oh and have you met my friend Jonny? You may have seen him on TV hosting the School Nationals, or on Live N Loaded. Anyways, we’ve always remarked on how Jonny looks like Adrian Pang, so I decided to do this: (for no real reason. I call it Jondrian :P)


02. Have been busy trying to work off excess kgs. The gym is my friend!

Tampines gym is really really awesome. I had the chance to go to the Jurong East gym last week, and oh boy, the best way to describe the machines and general feel of the place is OLD. The area for stretching is super duper tiny, and the mats are very thin and crinkly. It’s a stereotypical male-centric kinda gym, where the main focus seems to be the free weights area. The whole I was there, there were only 3 or 4 women compared to 20 or so men? I did not feel at ease there at all. I love you Tampines Gym!

03. I have a new pet. Meet Bob Meowie. Sadly, he won’t be around long….*sad face*


04. I’ve just entered the Twitter Tees by Threadless contest. Vote for my tweet if you find it worthy! It’s


Quite funny right? Anyway, you can go to the site and vote for other funny tweets too! It’s rather fun to read the witty tweets. Winning tweets get turned into a t-shirt and the winner gets $500! You can join too! 🙂




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8 days ago

8 days ago, my nenek died.

My nenek had sixteen children, but had to give four away. My mother was number eight. She was given away.

I saw my nenek only rarely. Once a year at least during Hari Raya, where I’d take note of her gaunt frame, thinking that nenek has lost a bit of weight.

Every year my mother would have to re-introduce ourselves to her, “Najib is teaching now, and Nabilah is still in university”, and she’d say “Alhamdullilah”, giving thanks to God for our achievements. It’d have to repeated every year because of her poor memory.

Her name was Hawa Bee, or Nenek Hawa Bee as everyone called her. When we were small, me and my brother called her Nenek Ubi.

The last time I saw her was last year, this time not on Hari Raya because I was away. She was very weak, lying in bed. They’d put oven mitts on her hands so that she would not scratch herself or remove the tubes that were attached to her body.

8 days ago, I saw my nenek’s body on the bed, covered by a white cloth. I did not see, at first, because her body was so halus, so fine, that one could easily miss it.

My mum peeled the white cloth back. I said a prayer and kissed her on her pale cheek. One on each side.

The next day after the mandi mayat, the bathing of the body, they laid my nenek’s body wrapped in a kain kafan, the white cotton cloth, in the living room.

One by one, her children, followed by her grandchildren, great-grandchildren, siblings and other family members took turns to kiss her and say our final goodbyes. In that small room in Serangoon on an unsuspecting Tuesday, one could feel the intense love, respect and sadness from everybody present.

We went to the cemetary. It was my first time seeing the burial process. They use tractors now to fill the graves, my mother said. They lowered the body into the earth.

Goodbye Nenek Ubi. I will miss you.


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