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Before I bid my weekend goodbye (it’s 9.25pm only, so you can see that I am crazy tired), here’s a few updates.

1) Say hello to @nabbycat

@allquirknoplay is no more. While it has served me well for the past 1 year plus, that identity does not truly represent who I am. This username holds a lot more sentiment for me, and I’ve used it (on and off) for almost ten years now. That is a good reason as any other, no?

2) New blog changes

I am also planning to change my blog address to nabbycat.wordpress.com, or maybe even get my own domain. Again, wordpress has served me well especially as I grappled with blogging and finding out my writing style, but I find myself wanting more from my website. Not to mention this eye sore of a blog design which I must do something about by the end of the year. Or perhaps sooner.

Any suggestions for webhosting? I just need something which can let me have more than a modicum of control over how my blog looks, as well as my own domain and adequate space. Right now squarespace looks promising, but any suggestions are welcome!

As my blog evolves I am also planning to create my own content outside of writing entries, though I’m still in the brainstorming stage for this. But I’m thinking videos, more photos, etc.

That’s all for this awesome Sunday! Sleep early folks.


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Nothing special about this shot, except I asked Shirley to help me take it and was quite amused with the whole thing because she kept getting confused by my instructions. I told her to “hold the camera low”, but then we had to re-take because it was blurry. Then I said, “try not to shake the camera” and when that didn’t work, we turned on the flash, but this time my shoes got cut off. So we tried again.

“Can you see my shoes?”

“No, cannot.”

“Ok, go a bit further.”

She takes a step back.

“Lower the camera,”


“Can you see my shoes?”

“No, cannot.”

It was rather funny. It didn’t occur to me that she doesn’t handle a camera often.

But yeah, that’s the story behind this shot.

[I need new clothes and a haircut, bah]

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My Michael Jackson tribute

My Michael Jackson tribute

Goodbye SMU. So long, and thanks for the fish.

Some of the best shots of the day:

heart on sleeve

heart on sleeve

it's my party

it's my party

sisters from the hood

sisters from the hood

in/out of character

in/out of character

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Unglam photo

Pardon the ugly watermark on the photos, I didn’t feel compelled to buy the photos for S$34.90!

I officially completed my first marathon on Sunday, 28 June 2009. It was the Standard Chartered KL Marathon, and me and Erfen had trained for 4 months for it. I was actually quite nervous before the race as I had not been training for 2 weeks before the event due to work, but somehow, someway, we managed to do the entire 42.195km in 5 hours and 50 minutes. It’s not excellent timing of course, but i had set my target to be under 6 hours, since it’s my first marathon, so I am satisfied with the result!

The race statistics say that I am the 165 position for the women’s full marathon category. Not too shabby for a first-timer, I think 😛 Although, the winner of the women’s full marathon did it in 2 hours 40 minutes! And the men’s winner completed it in 2 hours 17 minutes, despited the fact that it was his first marathon! Craziness!!

I would say that though the idea of running 42.195km seems pretty impossible and daunting at first, I think anyone can do it, given proper training beforehand. Before the marathon itself the furthest I’d ever run was 24km! But luckily me and Erfen followed a running schedule, having proper training really helps.

[warning: running advocacy alert!]

Plus, besides just running you can train in other ways too, like doing circuit training, interval trainings, gym sessions and even swimming and cycling for cross-training. Running is an excellent way of keeping fit! Trust me on this, I eat a lot and exercising is the only way that I don’t weigh a ton now.

Running a marathon also challenges you to be strong both mentally and physically, as you are ultimately racing against yourself. Of course, there were times when it was difficult.

While training, sometimes I’d feel lazy to go for a run, or I’d want to walk halfway through my run, but sometimes I just told myself “You can do it” or  visualise myself running past the next lamppost, and the next, and the next, and before I’d known it, I’d have finished my run.

Team Grand Kenyan

Plus, it’s nice to run with a partner as well. During the marathon me and Erfen listened to music via his phone, and we made sure to load songs we both liked.

When the song “Irreplaceable” by Beyonce started playing, we both instinctively started doing the hand actions for the “To the left, to the left” and then we got carried away and did actions for the whole song. I bet we were one of the few runners who were still laughing and joking while running!  It was really a pleasant experience for me and it was a great feeling crossing the finishing line together. It would have been very different had I run alone.

Also, it’s a great excuse to travel! We decided on going for the KL Marathon because it was a chance for us to get out of Singapore and do something different. It was quite a cool way of exploring the city, plus we had time to do some sightseeing/shopping before we left for Singapore. I think many cities have marathons as well, such as the Vienna Marathon (gonna do that one day!) or the Boston Marathon (one of the world’s oldest annual marathons, although I’d need a timing of at least 3 hours and 40 minutes to qualify!)

Boston Marathon 1910
Boston Marathon 1910

Next stop, Safra Bay Run and Army Half Marathon in August, and the Singapore Standard Chartered in December. Pretty exciting stuff! I’m hoping to improve my timing to 5 hours next…fingers crossed!

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For those of you who are thinking of running a marathon some time, don’t just think about your training.

Something which I think gets overlooked a lot is what you wear.

I’ve gotten chafed tons of times, yesterday while (trying to) run 22km I had to stop at about 15km because my shorts were rubbing abrasively against my inner thigh. Felt pretty bad about it too because we were actually going at a pretty good pace!

Chafing really sucks. Remember to do a “dress rehearsal” with what you’re gonna wear for the marathon, because something that feels comfortable after running 10km may not feel the same after 20km. This applies to shoes and socks too! I’ve gotten blisters from bad socks. Yes, socks!

Trust me, it sucks to stop running not because you feel tired, but because your shorts are painfully rubbing against your thighs.

Marathon in 25 days! *gulp*  :/

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on this post for about a week now, just because I fear that it’s kinda uncool to admit what I’m about to admit.

So here it goes:

I still don’t know how to use Twitter.

This is after using it for more than a year now (well ok less than that since I didn’t really use it in the 5 months that I was in Vienna)

Sure, I know how to write a tweet, to re-tweet something I find interesting/hilarious/meaningful, to reply to someone with an @ sign etc.

Technically-speaking, I know how it works.

But I haven’t found my voice with Twitter, you know what I mean?

If you compare how I use Facebook with how I use Twitter, you can see what I mean.

On Facebook, I update my status pretty regularly.

I post funny videos, post photos with witty captions, state my opinion about some topic pretty strongly.

I’m pretty much ME on Facebook.

But on Twitter, I haven’t found who I am.

Before sending out a tweet, I think way too hard about whether what I write will be of value.

After all, I don’t want someone to read my tweets, decide that my tweets are completely meaningless, and *GASP* hit the “Unfollow” button on the basis of my lack of interesting things to say.

As a result, I rarely tweet.

Why the difference between how I am on Facebook, and how I am on Twitter?

Am I a Social Media Schizophrenic?

A Facebook extrovert but a Twitter introvert?

I guess I know the reason for my Twitter-insecurity.

On Facebook, everyone pretty much knows what kind of personality I have.

On Facebook, I’m comfortable because I don’t have to impress anyone anymore.

On Twitter, 75% of people I’m following are people I wasn’t friends with previously.

People whom I still want to impress with my wit and intelligence (I know, I know, what wit and intelligence?)

Therein lies my problem.

Thing is, how come others don’t seem to share the same problem?

There are people who seem so comfortable on Twitter.

They curse, they post random lyrics, they get angsty.

You know the kind of people they are from their tweets.
I admire these people.

I know, I know.

I think too much don’t I?

Complicating the uncomplicated.

In other news, I went to Jakarta for the weekend.

That was good.

My mom missed her flight, so in the end it became a 3 day hang-out with my brother and Erfen.

All’s good (well, not all, but you know what I mean)

In other news, I’m looking forward to meeting 8 cats this week.

Updates soon.

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01. I am 24!

Erfen got us tickets to Much Ado About Nothing. Although I love the idea of Shakespeare in the Park, I felt that some of the scenes didn’t translate very well into the real world setting, or maybe this play works better within the confines of a intimate theatre setting? The old world colonial style set was very charming though, and Adrian Pang was really really good in this comedic turn as Benedict. His red and white striped swimsuit is well worth the ticket price, I think!

Oh and have you met my friend Jonny? You may have seen him on TV hosting the School Nationals, or on Live N Loaded. Anyways, we’ve always remarked on how Jonny looks like Adrian Pang, so I decided to do this: (for no real reason. I call it Jondrian :P)


02. Have been busy trying to work off excess kgs. The gym is my friend!

Tampines gym is really really awesome. I had the chance to go to the Jurong East gym last week, and oh boy, the best way to describe the machines and general feel of the place is OLD. The area for stretching is super duper tiny, and the mats are very thin and crinkly. It’s a stereotypical male-centric kinda gym, where the main focus seems to be the free weights area. The whole I was there, there were only 3 or 4 women compared to 20 or so men? I did not feel at ease there at all. I love you Tampines Gym!

03. I have a new pet. Meet Bob Meowie. Sadly, he won’t be around long….*sad face*


04. I’ve just entered the Twitter Tees by Threadless contest. Vote for my tweet if you find it worthy! It’s


Quite funny right? Anyway, you can go to the site and vote for other funny tweets too! It’s rather fun to read the witty tweets. Winning tweets get turned into a t-shirt and the winner gets $500! You can join too! 🙂




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