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Is it just me or is it harder to find time to blog when you’re working?

Work’s been good..I’m kept busy everyday, which I maintain is much better than having nothing to do. It’s been almost a month already. Which means I’m a third into my internship, and that I should probably go talk to my boss and ask him what I’ve been doing. According to this book I’ve been reading, you should always continually ask for feedback, and treat all feedback as a mechanism to let you know how far off your target you are, adjust your behaviour accordingly, and hopefully it brings you to your intended objectives at the end of it all.

And just for kicks, here are the things I’d like to get out of this internship by August 29 2008:

1) To know whether I like doing PR

2) To seek out opportunities to be more creative in my responsibilities

3) For my work to be respected by my superiors and peers

4) To improve on my work ethic and be more accountable for my work

5) To build lasting relationships with the people around me

6) To be unforgettable.

She took two steps forward, not without fear. It was the loneliest time of the day, that period between hustle and before bustle, when the air was thick and people with their glazed eyes looked without really seeing. She held a balloon in her palm. It was red like the gelatin candies of her youth, a red that was one shade brighter than blood. It gave her a tiny bit of happiness to hold this happy, bouncing thing in her hand. She let the happy, bouncing thing go and watched as it danced further away, and went to partake in a secret happiness she could only guess at. She watched till it disappeared, and then she did too.


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