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There are 8 cats in the office.

ziggy and boy

ziggy and boy

cumi and tux

cumi and tux

mini and lulu

mini and lulu



K that’s only 7. But apparently there a couple more, but these are the ones who more or less are inside the office usually.

So one day, my boss rescues two lovely orangey kittens from the monsoon drain. They were almost drowning, poor things.

jem and scout

jem and scout

The photo on the left (below) shows them when they first came. Monstrous, loud and pretty terrifying. To me that is! But I’ve never been a kitten person.

The photo on the right (above) is them now, a couple of weeks since they first came. Now they’re more adventurous and naughty too. They’ve started being very playful and they like to hang out on the “2nd floor” of this table we have. I call it The Condo. I call them Jem and Scout after the two siblings in To Kill a Mockingbird.

Anyways, assuming there are only 7 cats (which they aren’t), that brings the tally to 9 felines. We (the office) thought that that was plenty.

Until today.

new kitties

new kitties

Meet the new kitties, yet unnamed.

We found them abandoned in a box in the back alley behind the office. That my friends (if you’re still with me that is) brings the total to 11 kitties. 11 kitties! That is craziness.

Anyways, hopefully you’ve been reading this far, and if you are, you’re probably a cat person, which is good because my boss can’t keep the kittens and wants to find good homes for them. If you or someone you know might be interested, love cats and can commit to taking care of them long-term, please let me know!

The two orange ones are super cute and loveable (one’s a boy and the other’s a sweet girl), I can vouch for that after playing with them and laughing at their antics for the past couple of weeks. The new black ones are super tiny and frail but hopefully they’ll be up and running soon, they look so wee and fragile now and one of them didn’t want to drink his milk 😦

So those are the kitties in the office. They are my source of entertainment and I always go find them when I need to take a break, hehe.

But really, if you’re interested in adopting do let me know! 🙂


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cat heartfancy catbaby on cat

Today I found the site Stuff On My Cat. Like the name suggests, readers submit photos of their cats with stuff on them, but there are also categories for My Cat On Stuff, Gadgets On My Cat, Cat on Cat, etc.

According to Erfen (my boyfriend, who henceworth shall be referred to as E or other pseudonyms as the situation calls for), this website is old news. But what I find amusing isn’t just the photos themselves, or the captions that accompany the photos, but the names of some of the cats:

Fat Alice


Corryander Peppercorn

Psycho Kitty


Betty Poop

Ollie McDugleton Stinkerpants

If you have a cat or a dog (or any other animal) with an interesting name, let me know!

Also, if you like dogs, you can also visit the sister site, Stuff On My Mutt .



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first post

So that must be the world’s most bland title ever, but I decided not to worry too much about the entry title and instead just get into the actual writing of the entry. In deciding to start a blog, I was agonizing for a couple of weeks as to the actual content of my blog, having decided not to go down that “oh woe is my life” path. I wanted it to be something that people would actually want to read (for the right reasons) and better yet, that people would find useful/entertaining/not entirely self-revolving (is that even a word?).

So certain abandoned ideas included:

  • cats
  • haikus
  • advertising
  • movies
  • music (getting more and more generic I know)

These ideas weren’t abandoned because people wouldn’t be into them, but simply because I wouldn’t be able to sustain a blog written entirely in haiku form (shocker!).

So here it is, my blog. My name’s Nabilah, I’m a student from Singapore, and I’m gonna be a-blogging about basically anything and everything I, and I hope you, find interesting. I’ll give my take on things, you’ll take my give on things, you’ll learn that half, well maybe more than half of my jokes need more work, but really, my blog wouldn’t be the same without your voice, so feel free to comment. (For instance, if you wanted to comment that my last sentence was way too long, please do)

Oh, and forgive me if I start blogging randomly about cats, I really like them, I do.

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