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Before I bid my weekend goodbye (it’s 9.25pm only, so you can see that I am crazy tired), here’s a few updates.

1) Say hello to @nabbycat

@allquirknoplay is no more. While it has served me well for the past 1 year plus, that identity does not truly represent who I am. This username holds a lot more sentiment for me, and I’ve used it (on and off) for almost ten years now. That is a good reason as any other, no?

2) New blog changes

I am also planning to change my blog address to nabbycat.wordpress.com, or maybe even get my own domain. Again, wordpress has served me well especially as I grappled with blogging and finding out my writing style, but I find myself wanting more from my website. Not to mention this eye sore of a blog design which I must do something about by the end of the year. Or perhaps sooner.

Any suggestions for webhosting? I just need something which can let me have more than a modicum of control over how my blog looks, as well as my own domain and adequate space. Right now squarespace looks promising, but any suggestions are welcome!

As my blog evolves I am also planning to create my own content outside of writing entries, though I’m still in the brainstorming stage for this. But I’m thinking videos, more photos, etc.

That’s all for this awesome Sunday! Sleep early folks.


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One dress, 365 different looks

One dress, 365 different looks

Stumbled upon The Uniform Project while surfing the interwebs, and I just simply love the idea. One dress, 365 days, in the name of sustainable fashion.

I think I love this because I don’t have that many clothes so I tend to try to make them look different by layering/pairing them with different things just so I can fool people around me into thinking that I have a bigger wardrobe than I actually do. It’s one big con job, people! 😛

I’ve never heard of sustainable fashion before, though it does kinda remind me of those “1 dress, 6 ways” articles in Cleo (i think).

I like that she ties in the idea of a uniform so seamlessly (pun not intended, really!) with her charity organisation, the Akanksha Foundation, for its School Project. Proceeds will go to buying school uniforms and other educational expenses for the children who live in the slums in India.

And just in case someone’s wondering, yes she does wash the black dress that she’s wearing! Sheena (that’s her name) has 7 of the same dresses (like a uniform, see?) which she uses everyday.

I like looking at her different outfits everyday, and I like that because the dress is black she tends to accessorise with colourful socks and hats and shoes (I lovelovelove her pastel shoes in the 3rd photo!)

It really is inspirational, from the very simple idea behind the blog to her ability to spruce up the dress and make each outfit so pretty.

Hats off to you, Sheena!

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There is absolutely no point in this post other than to express my utter love for blankanvas. I discovered Pat Law’s blog only recently, and what I love about it is that she successfully weaves many different topics in one website without being too “all-over-the-place” as I feel that I am with my blog. I guess it helps to have a great blog title that allows you to talk about a variety of topics. With well-written posts, entertaining content and a nice, clean layout, blankanvas.bypatlaw.com is definitely what I want my blog to be when it grows up. Read her blog if you’re interested in design, advertising,marketing, the gay community and cool pretty things in general.

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